Karen Robertson holds a Master’s degree in Digital Journalism with 18 years progressive senior management experience in the communications sector throughout the Africa region with in-depth experience in South Africa, as well as in the UK and Dubai. The past three years has been spent holding overall responsibility for the Communications and Strategic Information Unit at Sonke Gender Justice (Sonke), the largest South African-based, non-governmental organisation working across Africa and globally on issues of health, human rights and social justice. Previous years were spent in the publishing sector - writing for and then editing magazines and later launching and running websites and growing online presence. Highly experienced in content creation and editing with a focus on creative, compelling storytelling for impact. Ability to transform complex subject matter into easy-to-grasp content tailored to different audiences and pivot between high-level strategy and implementation. Strong senior management skills with a commitment to inspiring, mentoring, training and motivating staff to perform at their peak to achieve common goals. Ability to deal with crisis situations calmly and with pragmatism. A smart strategist, thoughtful advisor and accountable leader, consistently recognised for being results and solutions driven and displaying a high degree of integrity, efficiency and commitment. Intellectually curious with a strong understanding of social change. Passionate about creating impact through communications.